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  1. Dr. Gardner says:

    Dr. Gardner provided extraordinary compassion and expertise when treating my beloved cat that was with me for 17 years. It was the best of an awful situation. I strongly recommend her and look forward to not dragging my dogs into the animal clinic. She can come to us. – Thanks again. Yvonne Monet

  2. Bruce Clair says:

    (copied from our facebook page) Dr. Gardner, you are a very rare individual. Your passion for your work is matched with equal compassion. I know you feel every loss personally and it hurts deeply, but you are the richer for it. You are open and genuine to your customers and those you care for. Luna, Rusty Bell, and Rudy were fortunate to have been under your care, regardless of the outcome. The rapid and pernicious progression of this bug was just too much and beyond anyone’s scope to heal. Despite their loss, I and my wife would gladly call on your professional services again and recommend you to others. Thank you so much for your most sincere efforts over the last few days!

  3. Cheryl Michaelac says:

    We recently had to start caring for my mother’s very anxious cat Misty. Since my mother was admitted to a nursing home, we visited Misty daily and eventually she accepted us as friends. Jennifer came to my Mom’s home to sedate Misty so we could move her into our home. She literally had to lie on the floor adjacent to a recliner in which Misty had wedged herself tightly. She had to extricate her and get her into the carrier for the move (a very time consuming project). She was so patient and caring. Because of Jennifer we have successfully moved Misty to her new home where she is doing very well. She will eventually meet our other dogs and cats who will welcome her to her new family with love. Thanks Doctor, couldn’t have done it without you!

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